15 December 2007

Tweet I have neglected my little space in the world. But I will write in more detail when I have a bit more time. Last month my brother and I got to spend two amazing weeks in Japan. Admittedly, it was the most memorable trip I have ever made; it was comparatively better than other […]

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16 February 2006

Tweet I am finally going back to Belgium for a little bit. Yaaaayyyyy!!! I leave in March and will spend about 15 days there. I haven’t seen my old cronies since the holiday season of 1999-2000. I went to art school with most of them when I lived there. Now it will be interesting to […]

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27 July 2003

Tweet I am back from my month long holiday in Colombia…

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2 March 2003

Tweet I’ve been here since yesterday morning and Santiago is a very pleasant city. Chileans are very warm and welcoming and extremely relaxed. Last night’s cocktail after the ceremony was a lot of fun. I ended up having to switch languages quickly from conversation to conversation. I was tired enough from my flight to start […]

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28 February 2003

Tweet So, I didn’t get to leave as planned yesterday… Many flights were cancelled because of poor visibility due to the snow, mine included. Damn snow! They offered me a later flight, but I still would have been stuck in Atlanta at my expense to wait and catch my connection the next day. Not willing […]

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La Belgique

12 August 2002

Tweet I talked to two of my very good friends in Belgium last night on the phone for a long time. It was so nice to catch up with A. since she moved to Brussels (and doesn’t have a phone), and her boyfriend M. (who has a phone) and was accepted to attend the Rijksakademie […]

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